Celebrating our POG Skills

February 07, 2024

Get ready to be amazed! Last week, our hallways transformed into a vibrant showcase of talent and imagination as we celebrated Spirit Week. But this wasn't your average dress-up event. Each day focused on a key Portrait of a Graduate Attribute, allowing our students to express themselves while highlighting the important qualities they're developing. Check out the week's highlights!

Monday was Communicator Day- “Express Yourself!” / Red Day: Great communication has a big impact! Dress as a communicator that’s had an impact on you OR wear shirts with words/expressions that have a positive impact

Tuesday was Creative & Critical Thinker Day- “Imagination Unleashed!” / Blue Day: Dress up in an outfit inspired by your imagination- be creative with patterns, socks, hair…

Wednesday was Ethical & Global Citizen Day- “One World, One Community!” / Green Day: Wear clothing representing different countries or cultural attire

Thursday was Collaborator Day- “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!” / Yellow Day: Dress in pairs or groups to highlight the importance of collaboration

Friday was Goal Directed & Resilient Individual Day- “Dream, Believe, Achieve!” / Purple Day: Dress as your future self, representing your dreams and goals

More Than Just Dress-Up

Spirit Week wasn't just about fun costumes and different colors. It was a meaningful opportunity for our students to internalize and celebrate the Portrait of a Graduate Skills they're actively developing. We saw communication skills blossom, teamwork flourish, creativity soar, and a deep sense of global citizenship and personal resilience take root.